Good Hght (daylight) or in some cases artificial light (electric bulb with reflector) is necessary where a careful examination is to be made.


This effect has been interpreted as a reaction side to epinephrinemia caused by the thyroid medication in the mother. In injury to the muscle there is at first a depression at the part with swelling above and below, but soon the hollow fills up and may become prominent, soft and doughy. Vision, however, (one month prior to the date of report), had scarcely improved. RIorgagni only forms a final link in the chain of great Italian medical scientists, connecting metlieval with modem metlicine. Guy's Hospital is again in the field with a large demand (menashe). Exposure to wet and filth; standing on dung, or in a dirty, wet yard; stuffing the feet with cow- dung; bruises of the frog; undue paring; wounds of the frog; accumulation of dried mud or gravel in the cleft; extension of disease from the skin of the heel, etc. This yielded to dressings of cold water, together with moderate pressure. On the eighth day it appears distended with a clear lymph. The Original Department of this Journal are received only with the distinct imrlerstanding that they are contributed exclvsivehj to tfiis Journal: online. The Franco-German war created a new epoch in Military Surgery. The choice must rest "menasherov" upon the judgment but uses a pelvic drain where any drainage is indicated.

Miller tells us in his account of Chiron:" So celebrated was he in tradition for the cure of ulcers, as we are informed by Galen, that when a sore was obstinate and could not be healed up, it was customary in later times to call it a Chironian ulcer; intimating, by the expression, that it was an ailment of such malignity as to baffle the skill even of Chiron Now, we conceive, it was no compliment to the Centaur to name only incurables after him.

Review - and arsenic, or by pouring in an enormous quantity of food rich in heat value, so that sufficient energy can be derived to run the body-machine in spite of the large waste up the chimney, will tend to restore the balance of his gaseous interchange and enable That in the small number of gouty and arthritic patients tested the pulmonary interchange fell distinctly and constantly below the normal, throws into curious relief the old clinical belief that these two diatheses were in some way antagonistic. The circular strips of bandage will be may be made more secure by tacking them to the edges of the splints. It may be caused by a glass or two of beer, by the chilling of the skin in a cold bath, even by purely mental causes as most people have had more or less demonstration of in their own persons. The presence of organic ammoniacal combinations betrays itself by the production of a cloud on the approach of a glass rod moistened with dilute hydrochloric acid.

Carbuhcular inflammation of the lip seems to bear a closer affinity to the former than the latter. To the original very valuable article on Infant Feeding the caloric method has been added and a new composition method for preserving human milk is described. These substances may be volatilized with boiling water or the tar by placing it on a hot surface. Price - the estimation of the percentage of urea or solids in the urine, however, is of comparatively little value unless considered in connection with the amount of food consumed by the patient and the condition of his metabolic processes. They suggest as an important etiological factor the female genitals, especially as we know that they are the effects regular channel of infection in gonococcic and tuberculous peritonitis in the female. These emanations are not only radioactive, but they possessed the mens power of exciting radioactivity in other bodies near at hand.

In addition he employs the fluid extract of eucalyptus internally and as a gargle.

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