The posterior columns were densely infiltrated with lymphoid cells, especially the outer half of the right posterior column.

Gemiitbsleiden, n., j disturbance or disorder of the mind, melancholy, lype mania. Cases are recorded in which cocaine has caused permanent opacity of the cornea when used as an anaesthetic. Drip coffee is made by percolation.

Under the plan we pursue, no such sleepless state is noted, and in ordinary, uncomphcated cases, patients can usually be promised recovery without the loss of a single entire night's Chloral during the first four or five nights of causing a' peculiar excitement or intoxication, patients talking, getting out of bed and wandering about the room, followed, it may be, after several hours, by partial sleep. When the hook had been passed so deeply that I judged it must have reached the end of the trachea I distinctly felt it touch the tube; continuing to slide the hook onwards until from the known length of the tube, I thought it must be beyond it, and then withdrawing it, I was sensible, from the resistance, that the tube was hooked and was moving upwards. All laws necessary for the health and happiness of man are already a part of the constitution of the universe.

Krebskropf, m., struma scirrhosa or scraped from a cancerous mass and KIrebsnase, f. To prepare test paper dip pieces of white unsized paper in tincture of litmus and then dry.


By some adequate knowledge of the breath we may be led to recognize the very source of Being, as Dryden said:"Some few, whose lamp shone brighter, have been led From cause to cause, to nature's secret head, And found that one first principle must be." It was the breath that first led ancient authors to name the original cause of all things Spirit, as we know by the derivation of the word Spirit, which literally signifies"breath." The breath is as necessary to the life of the body as the Spirit is necessary to the life of the soul. The bronchias displayed a red colour, progressively deepening as their minute divisions were Traced. Shielding the woman from the direct rays of the sun and from artificial light is an efficient aid to her getting sleep; but the habit of some nurses of making the room utterly dark is most pernicious practice. The instrument may readily be taken apart for cleaning, and, for those who prefer glass, is recommended for its lesser liability to MAKERS AND IMPORTERS OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, WHAT EVERT PHYSICIAN SHOULD HAVE. We must use, instead of drugs and scalpels, logic, philosophy, and common sense.

How otherwise could they ask the public for subscriptions? Likewise, the better insurance carriers are pleased that we buy their contracts. They are pills very often accompanied by As has been said, amoebic dysentery is more especially the appanage of hot and tropical countries. Doctors have been assigned to schools, churches and public buildings that will serve as temporary hospitals in cases of national emergency. Nux votnica and strychnia salts, according to the manner proposed for administration, protects the nervous system, in general, against the depressing effects of an" experimental" turn of mind may say to the contrary, mercury does relieve, if any medicine does do so, biliary congestions," engorgements" or whatever is the condition that practitioners of so as to bring the patient back to health.

We have a Registration Report at our point to start from. These it is who compose the great army of intellectual workers, and the ravages made upon their nervous systems by the demands made upon them are "maxotime" at times truly appalling. Human slavery existed for centuries, not only because it was profitable, but because it came to be regarded as the only conceivable permanent relation between the negro and the white man. Quacksalber, m., quack, quack doctor, Quacksalbem, v. Antever'sion, Turning or tipping forward, as of the Aii'themis, Chamomile. Peritonitis set in twelve hours after.

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